Mission and Vision


1. To serve as a fountainhead of enlightenment and knowledge.
2. To make our students multifaceted and versatile.
3. To inclucate a liberal and secular attitude mingled with civic sense in the entire College fraternity.
4. To enable every student carve out a distinct niche in the society.
5. To produce students of high calibre who can compete in the current environment.
6. To acquaint the students abreast with contemporary problems and realities of life.
7. To fulfil the aspirations and dreams of the students and their responsible parents.
8. To create a congenial atmosphere among the students to save the earth from pollution of environment.
9. To fight against destruction of forestry and global warming.
10. To develop awareness among the students to have sympathetic attitude towards the distressed and down-trodden of the society.
11. To work for elimination of poverty, illiteracy and ignorance.


Sri Jayadev College of Education & Technology owes its inception to the untiring efforts of the eminent personalities of the Naharkanta locality with the objectives of providing quality higher education to the poor and meritorious students, lots of them being girls, hailing from the rural milieu encircling the region.

Keeping this in view, the vision of the institution has been to make it a ‘Temple of Learning’ with the commitment to function as an academic hub that would cater to knowledge enhancement and employability of the students, and make them responsible citizens with ethical values and social commitments.