Sri Jayadev College of Education and Technology opened the NCC (Naval Wing) in August 2012 and enrolment of cadets started with a total strength of 25 Cadets (10S SW+15 SD). Out of this, 10 are Senior Wing (SW) Girls and 15 -Senior Division (SD) Boys.

NCC Officer:
Mr. PramodRanjan Dash, Lecturer (Gr-A)  in Physics: Present rank – Sub-Lieutenant


  • Regular Parade Classes: Regular parade classes of the cadets are conducted in the college campus on 20 (twenty) sundays during the period from August to January. The instructors are taking the classes. The Associated NCC Officer of the College also takes the theory classes of the cadets.
  • Observation Days: The NCC Platoon of the college is observing Independence Day, Republic Day and NCC Day in the college. The cadets of the institution participate in centrally organized parades at Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.
  • Combined Annual Training Camps: The cadets are required to attend one CATC in the first year in order to qualify themselves to appear in certificate “B” examination. This is compulsory for all cadets.
  • Centrally Organized Camps: The centrally organized camps of NCC cadets are National Integration camps, Trekking camps, Army Attachment camps, Basic Leadership camps, Advanced Leadership camps, etc. Since participation in these camps is very limited, only selected few cadets are sent to these camps.
  • Republic Day Celebration Camp: This camp is organized centrally at Bhubaneswar. A group of cadets from all over the State are selected to participate in the camps at New Delhi. Our college is fortunate enough in sending two cadets Sri Biswajit Dhar and G. Dharmraj to this camp.


Different Activities practiced in our college and at Cuttack Unit and in Special Camps:

  • Parade, Rifle Drill, Swimming, Yachting, Boating, Semaphore, Morse Code, Rigging, Rescue Technique, etc. were performed.
  • Theory Topics covered in regular Classes in the College:
    Health and Hygiene, Disciple, Cleanness, Awareness, Pollution Control, Leadership, Fire Fighting, Boat work, Ship molding, etc.