IQAC Activity


The Cell comprises of the Principal, Coordinator, Prof.-in-charge of NAAC, Prof.-in-charge of UGC, and three senior members of the staff. The following is the current composition of the Cell.

Composition for the Session 2024-25:

  1. Mrs. Amita Mahanayak, Asso. Professor in Physics,Co-ordinator
  2. Mrs. Manasa Manjari Biswal,Reader(SS) in Mathematics
  3. Dr. Ashirbad Mohapatra, Reader(SS)  in Botany
  4. Mrs. Sulochana Barik, Reader in Economics
  5. Mr. Harmohan Nayak, Lecturer in English
  6. Dr. Umakanta Parida,Lecturer in Odia


  • The objective of the Cell is to develop an internal mechanism for enriching and enhancing the quality of the institution from various aspects.
  • Emphasis is laid on achieving excellence in teaching-learning process by arousing quality consciousness among the teachers and the students.
  • The sincerity and performance of the teachers and the students are evaluated through periodical inspections and formulation of guidelines. The Cell suggests necessary measures for further improvement and advancement in the quality of education.
  • The implementation of quality improvement measures through the other committees of the college are monitored by the Cell.
  • The Cell also lays emphasis on enhancing the quality in the fields of sports and games, and literary, artistic, cultural, environmental and scientific activities.
  • The Cell also directs its attention for inculcation of moral values and discipline among the students. The students are advised to cultivate the traditional Indian values such as respecting the elders and developing harmonious social relationships.