Cells and Committees


The Planning Board of the College has been constituted for the current session as per the guidelines of the UGC. The following is the structure of the Board.
Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhyarani Dash, Principal - Chairperson
2. Dr. Pravu Charan Gochhayat, Associate Professor in Chemistry - Convener
3. Dr. Ashirbad Mohapatra, Lect. (Gr-A) in Botany - Member
4. Dr. Nibedita Mohapatra, Reader in Education-Member
5. Mrs. Sulochana Barik, Lect. (Gr-A) in Economics - Member


  • It has the responsibility to improve the standards of teaching and research at various levels in the college.
  • It approves the proposals for development various infrastructure in the college after identifying the needs and deciding on the priorities.
  • It advises the UGC Committee of the college for preparing and submitting proposals to the UGC as per the guidelines.
  • The Board was involved in preparation of the proposal for XIIIth Plan for sanction of grant under the heads Grant-in-Aid General ‘31’ and Capital Assets ‘35’ submitted to the UGC.


The College Development Council consists of the Principal as the Chairperson and the following is the composition of the Council for the current year.
Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhyarani Dash, Principal - Chairperson
2. Dr. Chittaranjan Nayak, Associate Prof. in Education - Coordinator
3. Dr. Niranjan Jena, Reader in English- Member
4.  Dr. Laxmikanta Ray, Lect. (Gr.-A ) in History - Member
5. Mrs. Manasa Manjari Biswal, Lect. (Gr-A) in Mathematics - Member


  • The Council sits two to three times in a year to discuss the academic and infrastructural development and suggests measures for the overall development of the College.
  • The Development Council is vested with the responsibility of monitoring the plans and programmes embodied in the master plan. It aims at achieving the goals and objectives of the College as envisaged in the vision statement.
  • As one of the most important committee of the College, it has the power to supervise the working of different committees and co-ordinate their activities for the smooth functioning of the College under the guidance of the Principal.

Activities during 2019-20:

The Council met at the beginning of the session to discuss the developmental works to be undertaken during the current academic session. Two subsequent meetings were organized to assess the progress of the works undertaken.

The following is the list of the major works completed/ initiated during the session.

  •  Construction of the classrooms and laboratory near the girls common room is initiated.
  • Furnitures for these rooms are to be purchased.
  • Renovation work of the laboratories was initiated.
  • A part of the boundary wall of the college was extended at the south facing of the college.
  • Purchase of equipment for the laboratories was made as per the suggestion of the Council.
  • Ten numbers of fans were installed in the class rooms.


The College Academic Council consists of the Principal as the Chairperson, the Academic Bursar as the Convener and all the Heads of the Departments as members. The Council has the following composition for the current academic year 2019-20.
Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhyarani Dash, Principal - Chairperson
2. Dr. Santosh Kumar Sethi, Associate Prof. in History & Academic Bursar - Convener
3. Mrs. Namita Patro, Associate Prof. in Chemistry – Member
4. Mrs. Jyoshnarani Das, Reader, in Education
5. All the Heads of the Departments – Member


  • It suggests measures for achieving academic excellence in all faculties of studies by way of providing quality education to the students.
  • It visualizes and suggests the opening of new courses so as to expand the academic horizon and meet the needs of the students.
  • It also contacts persons of eminence in different fields and invites them to deliver lectures for the benefit of the students and the staff.
  • It advises all the departments to organize departmental seminars regularly involving the students.
  • It prepares plan of action for organizing meetings, workshops, seminars and awareness campaigns under extension activities involving the students, the staff and the local people.
  • The Council meets on the last week of every month to assess the progress of different departments and recommends the concerned HODs to verify the progress made by the individual teachers and suggests necessary steps to be taken for the completion of courses by the stipulated time.
  • The Council looks after the proper engagement of classes and the maintenance of academic ambiance inside the college.
  • The Academic Council reviews the performance of the students of each department and suggests measures to undertake remedial and bridge classes for improvement.

Activities during 2019-20:

  • At the beginning of the academic session, a meeting of the Academic Council was convened by the Principal to chalk out the plan of action for the session. All the members attended the meeting and made valuable suggestions to strengthen the academic foundation of the college.
  • The classes were taken regularly during the session and as per the decision of the Council
  • The members of teaching staff engaged the classes of their departmental colleagues when they were on leave.
  • Holding of the classes were regularly supervised by the Academic Bursars and reports were submitted to the Principal.
  • The Principal inspected the classes on regular basis and suggestions were made to the members as and when required.
  • About 90- 100 % courses were covered during the session in various subjects, as reported by the Heads of the Departments in the meeting of the Council.
  • Extra classes and remedial classes were held as per the requirement.
  • The IQAC was informed about the academic progress periodically.


The Examination Committee is constituted by the Principal for smooth conduct of the examinations of the College as well as the University.

Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Dr. Bairagi Charan Panda, Reader in Physics. - Coordinator
2. Dr. Laxmikanta Ray, Lect. (Gr.-A ) in History - Member
3. Mrs. Manasa Manjari Biswal, Lect. (Gr-A) in Mathematics - Member
4. Dr. Jyotsna Mohanty, Lect. (Gr-A) in Chemistry - Member
5. Dr. (Mrs.) Supriya Dash, Reader in Zoology-Member
6. Dr. Trilochan Pradhan, Lecturer in Odia - Member
7. Mr. Karam Chand Singh, Lecturer in Pol. Science-Memeber
8. Mrs. Jyosna Prusty, Lecturer (Gr-A) in Economics- Member


  • The Committee fixes the probable dates of the test and monthly examinations to be conducted by the college in consultation with the College Academic Council.
  • The Committee discharges the function of the printing of the question papers for the college examinations, and of matters relating to the evaluation of answer scripts, tabulation work and dispatch of progress reports of the students to their parents/guardians.
  • Besides the college examinations, the Examination Committee also conducts the University examinations and monitors these through various mechanisms such as gate-checking and hall-checking at regular intervals by forming special squads.



The Publication Committee consists of seven members. 

Composition for the Session 2019-20:

1. Dr. (Mrs.) Pranjna Paramita Mohapatra, Reader in English - Coordinator
2.Mrs. Nirupama Nanda, Associate Prof. in Zoology - Member
3. Dr. Trilochan Pradhan, Lecturer in Odia - Member
4. Dr. Arun Kumar Rath, Lecturer in Botany – Member

5. Mrs. Alokrekha Dash, Lect. in Sanskrit-Member

6. Mrs. Bharati Das, Lecturer in Logic & Philosophy-Member


  • The Committee undertakes printing of the College Magazine “Sephalika”, the College Calendar, the Prospectus of the College, the Wall Magazine and the admission forms.
  • It also places order with the lowest quoting firm for purchase of various required official documents to be used by the college office.
  • The Principal supervises the functioning of the Committee

The Construction Committee consists of Administrative Bursar, Accounts Bursar and five other members with the Principal as the Chairperson.
Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Mr. Niranjan Jena, Reader in English - Convener
2. Dr. Laxmikanta Ray, Lect. (Gr-A) in History - Member
3. Mr. Gadadhar Mohapatra, Lecturer in Commerce-Memeber
4. Mr. Himansu Sekhar Nayak, Lecturer in Pol. Science - Member
5. Mr. Chittaranjan Jena - Member
6. Mr. Hrudaya Ranjan Baliarsingh- Member
7. Mr. Dakshyabrahma Routray-Member
8. Admn. Bursar-Member
9. Accounts Bursar-Member


  • The Committee sits at the beginning of the session to consider the construction of the new classrooms and extension of the existing structures.
  • It also takes up the renovation and maintenance work of the existing structure as and when necessary. 
  • The local SDO of Roads and Building/ Engineer of Bhubaneswar Block Office are consulted as technical expert relating to matters of construction of building and repairing work. The Director, College Development Council, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar inspects and certifies the constructed buildings under financial assistance from UGC.
  • Emphasis is made for the use of quality materials as per the advice of the technical experts.


The Finance & Purchase Committee comprises of nine members including the Accounts Bursars, Administrative Bursar and five faulty members of the College. The Principal is the ex.-officio Chairman of the Committee. 
Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhyarani Dash, Principal – Chairperson
2. Dr. Jadabananda Panda, Reader in Commerce-Convenor
3. Dr. Bairagi Charan Panda, Reader in Physics. – Member
4. Dr. Laxmikanta Ray, Lect. (Gr.-A ) in History – Member
5. Mrs. Manasa Manjari Biswal, Lect. (Gr-A) in Mathematics – Member
6. Dr. Nibedita Mohapatra, Reader in Education-Member
7. Dr. Ashirbad Mohapatra, Lect. (Gr-A) in Botany-Member
8. Dr. Trilochan Pradhan, Lecturer in Odia-member
9. Mrs. Sulochana Barik, Lecturer (Gr-A) in Economics


  • The Committee prepares a finance budget for the college at the beginning of every session. The budget is prepared taking into account the income to be generated during the session and the projected expenditure.
  • The Committee consults the Planning Board, College Development Council and IQAC of the college for finalizing the requirements of the College during each session.
  • It calls for quotations for the purchase of various items, considers all the quotations by making comparative statements and decides to place order with the qualified firm, taking into account the quality and the cost of the products.
  • The Committee verifies if the supplied items are as per the given specifications and on being satisfied, it recommends to the Accounts Section for payment to the concerned firms.
  • The Committee, while deciding matters relating to the canons of financial propriety, consults and takes the help of technical experts to sort out the problems whenever necessary.


The Cell consists of the Principal, the Administrative Bursar and three senior members of the staff.
Composition for the Session 2019-20:

1.      Dr. Santosh K. Sethi, Associate Prof. in History – Coordinator

2.   Mrs. Jyotsna Prusty, Lect. (Gr-A) in Economics – Member

The objective of the Cell is to look into the genuine grievances of the students, guardians and staff members of the College. Necessary guidelines in connection with the redressal of grievances are made available to all.

·         Students: The students in general are allowed to put forth their grievances in writing in connection with their academic needs and the library requirements. In addition, the poor and the needy students make submissions regarding their financial problems. They submit their written grievances in the Grievance Redressal Box which are examined by the Cell and follow-up actions are taken on the basis of the recommendations made by the Cell.

·         Guardians: The guardians are allowed to meet the Principal between 3 to 4 pm every day in connection with the problems of their wards, if any, in the College. They are advised to submit the grievances in writing whenever necessary.

·         Staff: The members of the staff have the freedom of submitting their grievances to the Principal for the redressal of their personal and professional problems. They are also encouraged to suggest measures for the all-round development of the institution.


The Committee basically extends its official assistance to the Principal in matters relating to recognition and affiliation of subjects. It consists of the following members.
Composition for the Session 2019-20:
1. Dr. Laxmikanta Ray, Lect. (Gr.-A ) in History – Coordinator
2.  Dr. Ashirbad Mohapatra, Lect. (Gr.-A ) in Botany-Member
3. Dr. Arun Kumar Rath, Lecturer in Botany-Member


  • The Committee is constituted by the Principal for dealing with the grant of government recognition and university affiliation to the new subjects to be opened by the College. The members of the Committee normally represent all the faculties: Arts, Science and Commerce.
  • The Committee prepares the draft proposals in prescribed proforma for making application to the Government and subsequently to the university for this purpose.
  • The Committee takes initiative for grant of permanent concurrence and affiliation to the newly opened subjects as per the time-schedule of the government and the university.